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  • as-a-mans-real-powerDo you live the most satisfying, fulfilling life you can imagine?
  • Do you greet each new day with fresh excitement and anticipation?
  • Do you meet any challenges you may encounter head-on, with a state of  clarity, focus, ease, and grace?
  • Do you live each day with meaning, purpose, and joy?  The great news is: you can!


Coaching provides tools that help you overcome any obstacles you might face and bring clarity, focus, ease, and grace into your life at work and at play.

DocPenny clients grow through an ongoing, professional, supportive relationship designed to help you observe the reality of your landscape, and then take action to own your life by genuinely living your priorities, according to your deeply held values.

DocPenny provides structure, compassion, support, and feedback to continually create new opportunities to shift perspective, gain fresh insight, and achieve the outcomes you want.

And we’ll celebrate your successes along the way.

You have questions? DocPenny has answers and the tools to help you discover your own.

To learn more about coaching and how it can transform your life, explore the content of this website.

There is no better time than right now to ask a question or schedule a complimentary “Success Planning” strategy session – call (402) 880-1376 or e-mail docpenny@cox.net.

Your future awaits.

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