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Humor can be found when you look for it

Are you forgetting to laugh a little every day?  The holiday season can be overwhelming….if we let it. I want to suggest that you begin to think of laughter as a necessity instead of an optional activity.  Laughter is a healthy addition to your daily routine. When


React or Respond?

Each day, our patience is being stretched to limits we have not experienced to this point in our lives.  For some, it’s the news that seems to be getting more and more gloomy.  For others, it’s a grumpy family member or someone at the office that tests your patience or your sense of correctness and […]


One foot on the accelerator and the other one on the brake?

Does life ever feel as if you have one foot on the accelerator and the other foot on the brake?  If your answer to this question is an emphatic, YES……it’s time to hit the pause button and take a deep breath. We all experience times where life seems unmanageable and uncertain.  When our thoughts race […]