At our first coaching session, my newest client decided to “Jump-Start” our Coaching with these 3 Tips for Success-Filled Living and to report the results at our second coaching session:

Tip #1:  Give yourself and others a break! Stop comparing yourself and your life to other people and their lives. These comparisons are usually self-critical and often unhappy.  Instead, I suggest that you “appreciate who you are in your heart” to unlock your own higher capacities. We really can be hard on ourselves. Trade negative self-talk for a little self-kindness.

Tip #2: Create a Positive Affirmation and use it as your constant Mantra: Choose a simple short phrase that’s meaningful for you; repeat it to yourself throughout the day. Use it when you’re getting ready in the morning and when you’re driving, to replace the old negative self-talk. Create a mantra that really speaks to the emotional experience of what you want to create inside yourself. I suggested trying:I appreciate myself for all that I am and all that I am becoming.”

Tip #3: Let the small stuff go! Some things can trigger us so easily and so quickly; they seem to ignite the mind in a fiery direction. Whether it’s something someone said, or something someone did or didn’t do, the best way to manage stress is in the moment you feel it come up. If you wait until the evening, your body has already activated the stress response and your health will suffer.