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Create a Balanced Rhythm – Inner Ease

Ease means moving through your day with your mind and emotions in a balanced rhythm.

Inner ease is not a sleepy-headed state. it’s a regenerative state in which you are more alert, resilient and can respond more effectively.

Inner Ease is an aspect of “stillness” that we can access while on the move.

Being in a state of ease does not mean that you necessarily have to slow down your physical pace, but it can mean that at times.

Example of active calm: An EMT needs to respond quickly while remaining calm and composed on the inside.

Ease creates a sensitivity to the appropriate inner pace for handling each situation in life, which creates flow.

The attitude of inner ease gives us an extra pause – a “choice point” in which we can make wiser choices, even in the heat of the moment.

Breathe ease to pause and settle the mind and emotions before responding to vexing emails. This creates a conscious space for double checking our intentions and choices before we press “send”.

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