You can build your personal capacity for resilience as you pursue your own creative genius!

Creativity is part of our natural and unique connection with life.  Creativity can be about processes, products or personality. All too often, we equate creativity only with artists or writers; however, we are each creative in original, unique ways; with our own creative genius. We can enhance and expand our creative genius through the use of 4 basic ways of thinking: having more ideas (fluency), thinking outside the box (flexibility), being unique (originality) and expanding on ideas (elaboration). When we are conscious about our use of creativity, life takes on a new sparkle. Some of us excel at baking pastries or bread; some of us excel at fixing things like broken toys or car engines; and others have an uncanny knack for rebuilding the backyard fence so the dogs can’t escape again. One of our daughters loves to organize spaces like closets and kitchen cabinets.

When we let ourselves enjoy our creative gifts, life gets easier! We can immerse ourselves in something that brings us joy and savor the FLOW experience.  Being in the Flow is like being in a streamlined current of water; life becomes an effortless, spontaneous experience.  Living in the Flow is created with practice and training. Athletes who perform on the peak level know that it doesn’t happen magically, they have lots of training and conditioning that brings on a level of automatic activity.  For others, the Flow experience comes through our hobbies, as we do the things we love to do, experiencing peak enjoyment, creative concentration and energetic focus. See the work of Mihali Csíkszentmihály, University of Chicago.

When we experience Flow in our creative activities, we recharge our inner battery. Life takes on a new glow. Because life can be stressful, it’s wise to know what activities actually recharge your inner battery, instead of depleting it. You build your capacity for resilience as you pursue your personal creative genius.