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Resilience Practices

#1 First Thing to do : Get quiet and recharge

Making time to connect with our heart intelligence is a very important attribute of resilience and self-care. It helps us reconnect with our authentic self, reset unproductive attitudes, and regenerate our energy reserves by releasing stress. Use the emWave2® or Inner Balance™ technology to help guide you into calm, balanced clarity and renew your energy reserves.

Then, build more personal energy by adding awareness to these areas:

  • Replace self-criticism with a new attitude:   We can be pretty tough on ourselves. Applying self-care in this area would be making a sincere effort to catch the self-critical thoughts and replace them with a positive inner message.
  • Watch the judgments: People judge other people. It’s a given. Watching our thoughts can help us become aware of the judgment habit and give us a chance to change the thought. You’ll also be saving energy by reducing drama in your life.
  • Forgive and let it go: It’s worth a reminder that forgiveness benefits us more than anyone else. It is an act of self-care. Letting go what has happened and moving forward is key to our resilience.

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