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Prepare for Stress, Challenge or Adversity

Why wait until adversity is upon you and wonder what to do? Take the time now to build your capacity to respond to stress, challenge, and adversity.

I provide:

  • short Lunch and Learn’s,
  • half or full day Workshops and Keynote speeches customized to meet your unique needs.

Each presentation includes practical tools and tips. Choose from the topics below:

Depleting and Renewing Emotions: In this seminar, you will learn about Intelligent Energy Management and how to use Self-Awareness to become more intelligent with your emotions

Resilience: Why resilience is important, practical benefits of resilience, Energy Systems, 4 Domains, Energy Balance, relationships between stress, Resilience and Performance

Heart-Focused Breathing: Learn to reduce the intensity of a stress reaction with the Heart-Focused Breathing Technique, increase your level of self-awareness. 

Inner-Ease: Develop a way of living to become an intelligent self-regulating person, able to express “Active Calm”, create a Choice Point and Ease Up to find a Balanced Rhythm

The Physiology of Coherence and Optimal Functioning: Our body is hard-wired through our autonomic nervous system to be coherent; naturally designed for Heart-Brain Communication, our heart-rate variability (HRV) can be measured and natural patterns discerned; learn about the natural connections between emotions and heart rhythms, heart-rate variability indicators, amount of resting HRV and with physical and mental performance, and the outcomes of coherence practice.

Building and Sustaining Resilience: Learn and practice Prep, Shift and Reset, and Sustain.

Practical Intuition: Learn the three types of scientifically studied intuition, how to develop the courage to follow your heart, the benefits of accessing your intuition, how using the Freeze Frame Technique increases the frequency of gaining clarity and finding innovative solutions.

Relational Energetics: Learn productive ways to work with people who have bad attitudes, positive ways to affect your workplace.


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