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“My sessions with Penny were enlightening and educational.  I learned how to set goals and understand myself beyond my expectations.  Penny is genuine and inviting in her approach to coaching.  Through this experience I deepened my commitment to personal and professional growth and development.  I highly recommend Penny as a coach and mentor to achieve your life’s desires and dreams.”

HM – doc Penny Client

“Today’s session really picked me up and motivated me.  When I came into the session I was lethargic and discouraged.  After visiting with you I went home and have accomplished several tasks I have been putting off for weeks.”

HM – docPenny Client

“I highly recommend Dr. Kowal to individuals needing and/or wanting movement from their current position, as she is an excellent career coach. She has helped me to utilize my strengths, to see where I may have blind spots and to identify a course of action. I have been empowered to establish and take action towards achieving my personal and professional goals.”

DH – docPenny Client

“I have spent time with therapists that has not been as productive and helpful as my time with Penny. She is authentic, personable and knowledgeable about life, coaching and people. We created a space so that I could see what my next best actions would be. Life is unpredictable and uncertain; however, with Penny as my coach, I am taking my next steps with clarity, focus, ease and perhaps a bit of grace.”

VT – docPenny Client

“Thank you, Penny, for your support. You do that differently from anyone else I know, and I’ve come to appreciate it. You made me really explore every door until the end. Now I know I’ve done everything I could do – and I am surprised at the feeling of satisfaction, no, completion, that that gives me. You are a true blessing.”

SP – docPenny Client

“Thanks for all of your help and support. I enjoyed our time together and have continued on the tasks we started together. Your positive outlook and new perspective were very helpful.”

~ MJ, DocPenny Client

“Just being aware of the monkey mind has enabled me to refocus my energies on more important thoughts. I had never heard of monkey mind so I have been reading about it….fascinating! Thanks so much for our session on Wednesday! Working on my new goal is bringing me lots of happiness!”

~ DH, DocPenny Client

“I’m cleaning off my desk so we can leave for Alaska on Saturday! Thanks so much for your part in that!”

~ JS, DocPenny Client

“I am proud to know Penny and to have the opportunity to sit at the same table with her and see her intelligent mind in action. Her integrity and her steadfastness to carry a project to completion are characteristics any team will recognize.”

~ WP, DocPenny Client

“Penny coached and encouraged me to climb ladders until I found success and satisfaction.”

~ KE, DocPenny Client

“Penny’s life coaching is very steadfast and uplifting. I was moved to the next level of clarity, focus, ease, and grace individually with dignity, respect, and love. Because of her ability to assist others, those who come to her for coaching are true winners. My life just got easier with Penny.”

~ VT, DocPenny Client

“I want to take a minute to thank you for your time yesterday. Of all the things I have done and people I have met with, our time together was the most beneficial to me! Penny, I am genuinely looking forward to our next session together.”

~ MJ, DocPenny Client

“When Penny is coaching, you know that you are in the presence of a heart of tremendous compassion. She evokes such confidence about who you are, that you begin to see what might be possible in your life. Her support leaves you feeling as though you really can do what it takes to reach your goals. I recommend Penny as a coach without reservation.”

~ Susan A Koenig JD., Certified Life Coach

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